The AMERICAN RESCUE ACT. What could it mean to you? Click Here to receive a Free Quote!

  • In March of 2021, President Biden signed into law the American Rescue Act that provides continued relief for Americans as we navigate through the COVID-19 Pandemic.

    In doing so, this Act increased the threshold of income for individuals to qualify for Premium Assistance for health care insurance through Advanced Tax Credits.

    What this means is that prior to May 1, individuals that were unable to qualify for the APTC’s (Advanced Premium Tax Credits) due to an income level that was too high, may now be able to qualify for some assistance.

    How it works:
    If you are an individual that is uninsured or insured through the Access Health CT State Health Exchange, you can update your profile to see if your income is now below the qualifying threshold level.
    Simply call the person you worked with to place your insurance in the exchange and they can walk you through the process. It is quick and easy. You can also update any other information you may want to update while you are working on this.

    Due to this new ACT, a SPECIAL ENROLLMENT PERIOD was opened on May 1 and will continue until August 15th for those CT residents that are not currently insured and for those that are insured through the Access Health CT Exchange to make revisions to their existing plans. During this period, you will not need a qualifying event to purchase a new health plan.


    Advanced Premium Tax Credits are federal funds that you would be able to receive in the form of a tax refund for the insurance premiums that you paid to your insurance carrier during a specific tax year. Instead of paying full price for a plan, waiting until tax time to receive the refund, Access Health CT can determine what tax credits you would receive and applies them to your premium in “advance”. This allows you to pay a more affordable premium for your health care coverage through out the year. When you file your taxes for this calendar year, you reconcile the credit you received to make sure your income was accurate and that you were entitled to the amount you received.

    If you under report your income, you may owe the government some of the APTC’s back and they will be deducted from any refund you may receive, or you will have to pay them back. It you made less that reported and were entitled to more, that additional credit will be added to your refund.